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Accidental Happiness -- Jean Reynolds Page

A Blessed Event

“A narrative that grows more and more compelling as Page unearths secrets, reveals character, and lays — and layers — the groundwork for an ending that is moving, believable, and earned.”

–The Boston Globe

Accidental Happiness

“Page writes with surpassing grace. Her novel moves to its own rhythm, finds its own place in the mind and heart of the reader.”
The Statesman Journal, Salem Oregon

“Page steps easily into the shoes of her appealingly flawed characters as she weaves a convincing web of unconventional family relationships.”

–Publishers Weekly

The Space Between Before and After

“Suspenseful and well-written.”
Chosen as a Summer Must-Read by Woman’s Day Magazine, July 2008

“A popular Seattle area writer pens a complex, well-orchestrated family drama that unfolds in the difficult territory of divorce, adult children and unexpected illness; includes an intriguing appendix with Page’s listings of songs that inspired her various characters.”
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Last Summer of Her Other Life

“Author Jean Reynolds Page weaves together a story of the past, present and future with this fascinating look at small town life and how rumors and gossip can swirl around, leaving lives wounded. But Page also provides a look at how decent people can be, if given a chance to prove themselves. The Last Summer of Her Other Life is a mature, well-crafted novel that promises to leave a lasting effect on its readers.”
The Las Vegas Review Journal

Leaving Before It’s Over

“This book was a page turner!  Flip, flip, flip I zoomed through the book, engrossed into the family life Roy and Rosalind had created.”
Scraps of Life, online book blog